Shadow was rescued February 2007 from a horrible kill shelter in Ohio.With only hours to live, I decided I was going to do all I could to save his little life.

 Because he was so far away I didn’t know if I would be able to get him out of the shelter and transported to Michigan within the 48 hours the shelter gave me to remove him. When I saw pictures of Shadow, I just cried.. He was a sad emaciated animal that looked like he had lost all of his will to live.  There was NO WAY I could leave him there to die! I sent out some emails to a few friends I had made while assisting with other rescues. By the grace of god everyone was able to pull together and get shadow (His name was Dobey back then) out of the shelter and on his way to Michigan.

When he got here he was grateful to be around us, very loving and happy. Our intentions were to foster him, but we decided that Shadow belonged in our family so we adopted him as one of our children. In December Shadow repaid us for saving his life.

A man tried to break into our home just 6 days before Christmas. The entire family was asleep except myself and the baby. I just happened to be in the kitchen when the man tried to come through our front door. Shadow jumped up from the couch and bolted to the door with the most fierce bark I have ever heard come out of his little mouth. He was attacking the door. The ruckuses woke the other dogs and before I knew it all 3 of them were attacking the door. Apparently the man realized he was not getting in without a fight, so ran off.

 If Shadow was not here I am afraid to think of what might have happened. Not only does he love us dearly, he puts our lives before his own. He is a loyal boy and well worth all the work that was put into saving his life. Chances are Shadow saved our lives in return. Shelter dogs know when they have it good. Many times they are considered “MUTTS” but it’s the mutts you see on television saving babies, children and family members for all sorts of accidents.

The moral to this story is help those that cannot help themselves, they become loyal, loving friends that may one day, save your life, or the life of someone you love in return. Just for your kindness.

I would like to honor those special people that assisted in Shadows rescue:

Gail – For posting his desperate plea for help and not giving up on him

Cindi Robers- Faulker – Transport driver that flew in from WI to drive a van full of dogs to their foster homes

Danielle Wegner – Pulled Shadow out of that awful pound

Anna Cotelesse – Keeping Shadow overnight in her home, fed him, and kept him comfortable

Toni Kennett  - Setting up transport

Without your help not only would Shadow be dead, but my family may have suffered the same fate. Thank you for everything you do to assist the dogs and doing what you can to help the rest of us. We may never stop the killing, but by working together we can make a difference. States have no boarders when an animal is in need!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Jamie

Shadow was saved from the Mahoning County Dog pound in Ohio. They put many animals to death in that facility weekly. The worse part about it is they kill the animals with heart stick. These animals die after suffering cardiac arrest, it is painful and not immediate. This is why it is so important for rescues to have volunteer foster homes that will house these homeless babies until they find a forever home. 

PLEASE OFFER A HELPING HAND, YOU WILL BE SAVING A LIFE. Saving one dog does not change the world, but the world changes for that one dog. Being a foster home is very rewarding and does not cost you a dime. The only thing you have to give is lots of love and a warm place for a lonely dog to sleep at night. Please help us stop the slaughter of 1,000 of animals....become a foster parent and an active member of an awesome group of people.


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