What Hamlet's Foster Family Says About Him

He's a pretty smart dog!  I'm very impressed with him everyday.  I've only had him with me for a short but he's already learning so fast.  It seems he was left alone either chained or in a separate fenced area from his humans  because he would jump and cry when I would walk outside to be with him.  He's so happy when I'm with him.  It brakes my heart. 

We've been teaching him some basic commands and he's picking them up so fast!  I've used pieces of a hot dog and I've taught him "watch" (to make eye contact with me)...he now knows "sit"....and last night I taught him "down" (to lay down)....and he can almost roll over too!!  He's amazing!! 


And a real snuggle bug.  Hamlet will let my son touch his nose and ears and doesn't mind if he even pulls him a little.  Hamlet just wants to be in the same room as you.  He loves affection but he'll also go and lay down and chew a bone as long as he has you in his sight. 

Anyway, he's a great size...not a barker at all...just cries when he's put in his crate until he calms down.  He (like most young dogs) does not like to be left alone.  He loves to zip in my yard and its fun to see him enjoy running and rolling in the grass.  I don't know if he's ever been free to run in a yard.  He's eating a little picky but is finally eating the dry food.  He prefers the canned food of course.  I let him out every morning and he potties like clockwork.  He's never had an accident.  He doesn't chew on anything either.  He's STARVING for some fun...and attention.  He's such a sweetie!!

If you are interested in Hamlet, please fill out our online adoption form and a volunteer will contact you to meet this special little boy.