What Axel's Foster Home Says About This Beautiful Boy

Axel is a fantastic dog. He does great with a daily walk and a fenced yard. Despite being in a kennel for so long in Ohio, he appears to be completely housebroken. He is part Yellow Labrador, and he shows all the best traits of the breed. He is loyal, gentle, and completely devoted to his human companions of any age. He gets along well with other dogs. He has a desire to chase cats while out on walks, but I could see him adjusting to a home with cats, as he is so eager to do whatever his humans ask of him.

Axel is estimated to be about two years-old and is very energetic and playful, though not so much that he causes any problems. He likes to lie peacefully and chew on a bone at your feet while inside. He is prefers to stay close to his humans and even adjusts his routine, so that he can be doing whatever his people are doing. While outside, he likes to bury his bones in the dirt, play chase, play ball, and explore everything with his nose. This gentle, well-mannered dog is waiting for a forever home with people who will spend a lot of time with him providing plenty of love.